River City Cat Clinic

2617 Riverside Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95818



The Cat-Only Difference

  • No rowdy dogs or other critters to frighten your feline friend
  • Professional staff greet and handle patients with a skillful gentle touch
  • Stress relieving pheromones circulate in the air
  • Schedule allows ample time for your cat to accommodate to the environment
  • All cats all the time!
We Understand

Your cat is more than a pet...he or she is family. As a treasured part of your family, you only want the best, most compassionate care you can find. Our experienced Doctors and Staff adore cats and are devoted to providing quality veterinary care throughout the life of your feline friend. We strive to practice the highest quality of medicine, dentistry, and surgery while developing lasting bonds with our clients and their kitties.

Experience Matters
--Established in 1972--
One of the 1st veterinary clinics just for cats in the nation
Our vets see at least 5x the number of cat patients per day compared to a mixed dog/cat veterinarian